What is Remarketing/Retargeting Advertising?
by: Nicolas

Remarketing is the best kept secret of the internet. As unbelievable as it may sound, this very affordable method of online advertising is still foreign to most business owners. The most amazing of it all is that they are exposed to it on a daily basis but never realize it.

That still doesn't tell you what it is, does it? Remarketing is a form of online advertising where you display advertisement to people who have already come to your website. This advertisement usually comes in the form of a banner image or small text ad. These ads appear on the Google display network (the AdChoices network).

Most website which display banner ads use the AdChoices network, so when you do Remarketing through Google your ads are likely to show up everywhere your customers go after visiting your website, that includes:

  • Blogs
  • News websites
  • And many more...

This is what, in a nutshell, what Remarketing is. Now if you want to become a Grand Master of remarketing, then read through the below Q&A which go in more details about this topic.

Why use remarketing?
The answer is simple: for $300/month on average, your banners will appear most of the websites that your visitors visit after visiting your website and that for 30 days. When they click on the ad they will be directed to the link of your choice on your website.

How to use remarketing
Let's say that you are a plastic surgeon and you offer liposuction, facelifts, and breast augmentation. There could be 3 different remarketing lists created to follow each types of potential patients. For instance, if someone lands on the liposuction page, you could follow this visitor with an advertising banner promoting liposuction surgery and link that banner back to your liposuction page, or to a video that gives them more information about the surgery. This helps separate your leads and deliver more targeted advertisement to your visitors.

Who is Remarketing for?
Remarketing is relevant for the great majority of businesses. There are 3 main categories of businesses that will benefit from Remarketing:

  • Businesses with more than 400 unique organic visits per month to their website
  • Businesses that are advertised on Google (PPC)
  • Business with high income-per-client potential (law, medical, construction, auto industry, etc)

Who should not do remarketing?
Like any advertising product, remarketing does not apply to everyone. If you are a professional blogger, for instance, remarketing may not be cost effective as your high monthly traffic will result in a high cost for remarketing.

Are there businesses that can't afford not to do Remarketing?
Yes. There are businesses for which doing remarketing can be considered mandatory. They are:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Car dealerships
  • Luxury real estate agents
  • New businesses
  • New brands
  • Health clubs
  • Business coaches
  • Restaurants

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Article date: Jul. 02 2014

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