What is Google Advertising?
by: Nicolas

The year is 2014, Google has been around for roughly 16 years and I can say from experience that while the great majority of business owners have a good idea what advertising on Google means, most don't have a thorough understanding of what advertising on Google really entices.

Let's start with the beginning, there are 3 main forms of advertising on Google: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Remarketing. Each serves a different purpose and can be used in concert, or individually. In this article we will focus on the most important of the three: search advertising.

Google Search Advertising
Google search advertising means having a text advertisement show up when someone does a search on Google (see example). These text ads usually appear above (sometimes below) the general search results, and on the right side of the result page. In the past, these ads appeared with a shaded background, now they show the word "AD" in a yellow background next to the ad itself (see example).

In Google search the ads appear as a text form only. No images, banner, videos, or anything else. Just plain text. The ad is usually made of 3 lines of text: 1 headline and 2 short lines of description ~35 characters per line.

This form of advertising is often referred to as Pay-Per-Click as you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This part is often confusing to many who have been used to pay a fixed monthly advertising fee for mediums such as yellow pages books, magazines, etc. With Google search you will set a monthly budget not to be exceeded, however, your cost will always be indexed on whether or not people click on your ad (there are exceptions to this that are marginal and not worth discussing here).

This form of advertising works in complete reverse to traditional media where you pay whether people see your ads or not. In a magazine for example, you will pay a set fee per month (let's say $3,000 for a full page) whether someone looks at your ad or not. If no one who got the magazine was interested in your services, you still spent $3,000 for the month. With Google Advertising, however, if no one ever clicks on your ad, it will not cost you a penny. In other words: you only pay to show your ad to people who are looking for your types of services, not everyone who makes a search on Google.

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Article date: Jul. 15 2014

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