Remarketing: the difference between getting 3% and 6% commission
by: Nicolas

If you are a listing agent, you are going to love this article...

As a listing agent you spend countless hours promoting yourself, passing out business card, networking, getting involved in social functions, spend money advertising yourself, your listings, etc. These efforts lead prospective buyers to visit your website and look at your listings. But, what happens if they don't call you right there and then? What happens when people leave your website? What if they saw something they like but didn't write down your information?

Imagine if they saw a listing they wanted on your website, and then ended up talking to another agent who shows them your million dollar listing! That's $30K in commission that should have been yours! You got the listing, promoted it, got someone interested and looking at it on your website... but since you weren't able to follow that person after they left your website, you lost the other half of the commission to another agent... I guarantee you that if you do enough business this has happened to you at least once.

That's just the nature of the game you might think. Wrong! There is an easy fix for this situation, and it is called: Google Remarketing Advertising.

Remarketing allows you to track people who have come to your website and display advertising banners to them on websites they visit afterwards. When they go to YouTube, they see your ads, when they go to their favorite news website, they see your ads.

The icing on the cake is how affordable Remarketing is. Depending on how much traffic you get to your website, Remarketing could cost you as little as $350/month.

Your clients signed a contract to pay you 6%, you should be paid that amount. Not half!

P.S.: after you leave this page our banners will follow you everywhere you go (we don't only sell Remarketing, we use it as well)

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Article date: Aug. 25 2014

Article type: Advertising For Real Estate


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