Are You Looking to Advertise Your Business on the Internet?

NIC Advertising offers internet advertising services to small and medium size businesses looking to reach clients locally, nationally, or internationally. Whether you are an air conditioning company looking for more local business, or a luxury real estate agent looking for customers overseas, we can help!

What we do for your business

At NIC Advertising we have developed an approach to Google AdWords (PPC) which has proven to work across many different industries. Our method allows us to be up to 30% more efficient than our largest competitors. What does it mean for you? You pay less money for the same or better quality leads, with more flexibility.

The process is very simple:

  • We identify the type(s) of clients you want
  • Create online advertising campaigns to reach them
  • Track the results to make sure things are working as they should
  • Make improvement as time passes to keep you optimized

How do we Do it?

Our method is very simple in concept: Quality Keywords + Extensive Negative Keywords + Hard Work = Very Efficient Google Campaign. We don't claim to have some fantasy optimization algorithm that makes coffee in the morning. We create a custom campaign for you and we work our hardest to make it the best. Why? Because we know that as long as we perform, we know we have you as a client for life.

"unlike other mediums, with search advertising people are actually looking for your services"

The types of businesses we serve

The primary industries we serve are:

  • Service businesses (plumbing, landscaping, etc)
  • Contractors (pool, home remodeling)
  • Waste management industry
  • Attorneys (PI, divorce, business)
  • Elective medicine (plastic surgery, dermatology etc)
  • Automobile (dealerships, repair, bodyshops)

Nervous about Advertising Online?

If you have never advertised on Google you might find it intangible, maybe even scary. That is totally normal. For most people, this new form of advertising takes some time to get used to. Clients that have been with us for more than 4 years were no different before they started.

Services available nationwide

We maintain offices in both Parkland, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona but we service clients nationwide.

Call us at 480-862-6131 to learn more about our services

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